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This Action Guide is a tool for local jurisdictions working to foster mixed-income transit-oriented development (TOD) around planned transit stations. The term “mixed-income TOD” (MITOD) is shorthand to describe a set of goals that includes the provision of a mix of housing choices, affordable to a range of incomes, for people at different stages of life within a specific transit station area. The goal of this guide is to help practitioners identify the most appropriate and effective planning tools for achieving MITOD in their transit station area, and ultimately to facilitate the development of mixed-income communities across the United States.

By conducting the Plan MITOD section of this Action Guide, users will:

  • Acquire an invaluable set of data that describes the demographics and market-potential of the transit district of interest
  • Learn about key MITOD Tools that may be appropriate in the station area of interest
  • Identify critical issues that should be addressed in future planning efforts
  • Gather information about key MITOD opportunty sites
  • Assess MITOD-related policies in the station area
  • Develop the framework for a MITOD Plan

Although the target audience for this guide is the local planner engaged in station area plans around proposed fixed-guideway transit stations, a wide range of stakeholders can also use the process, information, and suggestions provided here.

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